049. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

049. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

Abstract composition

Signed oil on canvas 37×94 cm

€ 2.800 – 4.000

A very elaborate poetic work with overlaps and emergences into a spiritual world, mysterious and dark, complex and evocative. Created by the father of Greek abstract painting, Yannis Spyropoulos, the painting embodies impressively the artist’s own logo: “I spread the darkness to find the light”. It contains all the findings of the international abstract art movement through his own exceptional idiom. By using the techniques of pyrography, engraving, etching and imprinting he composes an explosive palimpsest. With real textures, tones and gradations, he creates shapes that contain the substance of matter. Dense layers and glowing openings, collisions and coatings of continuous superimposed transformative destruction constitute the artist’s visual idiom enabling him to use the painting surface to depict the drama of matter itself in which decay becomes quality.


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