049. BOUSIANIS Georgios (1885-1959)

049. BOUSIANIS Georgios (1885-1959)

‘Woman in green dress’ 1955

Signed & dated watercolor 75×54 cm

€ 4.000 – 5.000

Impressive work of high quality expressionism by Bousianis. In a space shaped with coarse strokes, suggestive of an internal landscape of emotional situations, he masterfully manages the existential imprint and dynamic submission of the figure which bears the sensual charm of the flesh. The distortion removes any identity. Without features, gaze, extremities, this representation appears unrealistic and at the same time primordial, as though an almost non-depictive representation without any prettifying intention; altered and rendered roughly, it acquires a deep aesthetic symbolism marked by subjectification and introversion.

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