047*. ZOUNI Opy (1941-2008)

047*. ZOUNI Opy (1941-2008)

‘Symmetrical beams-White/Black’ 1978

Oil on wooden construction 215x50x45 cm

€ 5.000 – 8.000

Imposing sculptural structure by Opy Zouni with her familiar geometric spatial and cerebral developments that transform the environment into a field of fantasy. Through a psychoanalytical use of colors and shapes the artist achieves a limitless expansion in space and with the help of the optical illusion achieved through the geometric structure and geometric shapes she brings about coincidences of new flows of forms light and color giving the sense of infinity. Contrasts and developments in a diffusion of a beam of lines as rays in space they penetrate infinity and are interrupted by the two intersecting planes of the structure. The coexistence of the magic of mathematics and the magic of colors results in the coupling of her geometric worlds in an installation, tearing apart the formless with her own “horizon lines”.

Publ..”O.Zouni’-,Contemporary Geek artists”, G.Bolis, ADAM publications, Athens 2007, shown on p.64

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