047*. TETSIS Panagiotis (1925-2016)

047*. TETSIS Panagiotis (1925-2016)

‘Portrait of N.L’ 1978-80

Signed oil on canvas 141×200 cm

€ 28.000 – 35.000

A monumental impressive work of huge proportions by Tetsis, a Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts, featuring his brilliantly colourful and poetic visual style. His well-known personal expressionist style with which he paints everyday scenes and friends’ portraits never cease to impress with its masterful dynamic use of vibrant colour on vast surfaces while light is utilized to structure matter, be it textile or wood for body or architectural places. Faithful to his own unique distinctive figurative style, Tetsis creates voluminous paintings using rough textures skilfully employing light and colour values to craft his designs.

Publ. ‘’P.Tetsis’ Nees Morfes Athens 1990 Shown p.100-101

PROV: Priv.collection Mr.D.Pieridis (Pieridis Musem of Contemporary art) Bears COA


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