046. PROSALENDI Emilios (1859-1926)

046. PROSALENDI Emilios (1859-1926)

‘The blasting of the Ottoman flagship off Chios’

Signed oil on canvas 85×210 cm

€ 75.000 – 90.000

A museum quality masterpiece, a landmark in the History of the Nation and in the History of Art.

A leading masterful visual narration of the important naval event of the Greek Revolution of 1821 that occurred on the night of the 6th to the 7th of June 1822, during which a Greek artillery blew up the flagship of the Turkish fleet that had destroyed the island of Chios.The viewing point from which the subject is captured is particularly unique, while this grand-sized depiction of this historical event is sure to move one deeply. An absolute masterpiece by the Ionian artist Emilios Prosalentis, himself born in a well-known family of artist-nobles from Corfu. His love of seascapes triggered the creation of rare beautiful pieces, the present undoubtedly being the top of what is known so far, which, although executed in oil, contains also all the virtues of a watercolor. The artist creatively exploits the transparency and iridescence of color, the sensitive tonal gradations and his own idealistic formulations to create a lovely poetic atmosphere showered in light. In contrast to this, the depiction of fire with such explosive dynamism can make one almost think they can hear the bang, the operation of the liquid element with intensity, the movement of the brush in the waves dynamically charged, catalyze the quiet poetic management of the horizon creating incomparable masterful contrasts. This great Greek seascape artist from Corfu distinguishes himself through his sketching skills, his sensitive use of color, the freedom and flow of his outlines and the brightness of the shapes and volumetric relationships. In this unique seascape, he perfectly succeeds in giving the impression of instantaneity and variability with his customary maturity and characteristic elegance; as a result, it has an internal rhythm which transforms it into an internal experience, a vision that highlights a historic memory.

PROV/EXHIB. This monumental work, in the same private collection since its creation until it was discovered and exhibited in public for the first time in 1988 by and under the curation of the eminent professor of the History of Art, writer  and x Director of the City of Athens  Museum, Stellios Lydakis.

It is presently exhibited as the central work of art in the official celebrative exhibition of the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution of 1821 at the Pinacoteque  of the «Society of Macedonian Studies» in Thessalonica.


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