045. ITHAKISIOS Vassilios (1879-1977)

045. ITHAKISIOS Vassilios (1879-1977)

‘White Mt. Olympus’

Signed oil on canvas 75×100 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.000

Impressive “shining” large-scale work of the hermit-artist Vassilis Ithakisios whose workshop was in a cave in Mt. Olympus he himself christened “Refuge of the Muses” and where he himself lived and painted each summer for 20 years. The artist was a favorite of the hikers and climbers of Olympus who in turn gave the cave the name he favored. Here he masterfully captures the majesty of Mount Olympus, source of his inspiration, experientially and therefore authentically conveying the poetic nature of the enchanting landscape. Design and color exude the evocative atmosphere of the Greek land with soulful beauty sensitivity and passion. The wild landscape and the mountain volumes, the artist’s uniquely personal lure, are brought alive and transformed on the canvas by the masterful palette.


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