044*. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

044*. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

‘Pergolas and balcony with vegetation’

Signed oil on canvas 84×63 cm

€ 8.000 – 12.000

The essence of postmodernism embodied in one painting! Ghikas’s recently discovered painting, from his Garden series, is another masterful rendering that contains all the elements of a postmodern work of art: fragmented imagery and narrative, creative inventiveness, lack of hierarchy and organized structure, complexity, ambiguity, and diversity.  The artist masterfully renders the building materials and plants creating a kaleidoscopic mosaic of colours in this tectonic composition. The colourful shapes mix with straight lines, consistent patterns and visually pleasing arrangements creating a captivating architectural design of storytelling. Of particular interest in the exceptional hitherto unknown work is that despite its relatively free structure there is an extremely compact geometric spatiality in this unique composition.

PROV. Priv. collection Athens


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