043. GOUNAROPOULOS Georgios (GOUNARO) (1889-1977)

043. GOUNAROPOULOS Georgios (GOUNARO) (1889-1977)

‘Dreamy landscape’

Signed oil on plywood 50×70 cm

€ 3.000 – 4.000

An excellent representative work taken out of the liquid dream world of Gounaropoulos whose ambient unique light penetrates every corner of the painting surface. A sharp drafting skill renders the volume and movement of the line: Light and water, liquid and transparent gestate luminescent fish. Curves dominate, and the drawing is erased all in one stroke opening up a world of airy weightless potential. The mythical and the imaginary are masterfully intertwined verging on surrealism. Eroticism, the entanglement of archetypes and primordial symbols constitute unusual complexes and coexist harmoniously in a perpetual play of light and shadow.

PROV: Private collection Athens


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