041*. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

041*. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

‘No title’

Signed oil/mix. media on hardboard 80×65 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.500

An impressive work by Spyropoulos distinguished by its remarkable design and sculptural skill. His quick raw brushwork produces a distinct style focused on pure painterly values. The intersecting planes of his forms evoke unease and a rebellion against the usual aesthetics. Spyropoulos adeptly subordinates these structures to his own desire and creative vision resisting static norms. By showcasing his spatial awareness the artist unveils a dynamic morphoplastic language producing striking connections between the various volumes. Through collisions and continual overlays he captures an intricate tectonic structure forming a poetic composition of artificial spontaneity and dreamlike diffusion.  


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