040. MYTARAS Dimitris (1934-2017)

040. MYTARAS Dimitris (1934-2017)

‘A woman at sea’ 1990

Signed acrylic on canvas 60×90 cm

€ 4.500 – 6.000

A truly brilliant and dynamic work by art-professor Dimitris Mytaras, a composition with masterly intensity and speed. With his sharp eye for Greek life and his recognizable explosive palette evident he once again here deals with one of his favorite themes that have appeared in many variations in his work. The artist’s clear references to folk and Byzantine tradition are masterfully combined with an idiosyncratic contemporary expressionist idiom. His anthropocentric subject matter, with its abstract mood, emphasis on drawing, on the power of line and on strong tones remains consistent in his visual idiom. Freeing the shapes he constructs a dynamic composition that reflects sensations. Through the peculiar distortion to which his brush subjects the caricatured form he renders a superb plastic formulation full of refinement.


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