039. TSAROUCHIS Yannis (1910-1989)

039. TSAROUCHIS Yannis (1910-1989)

‘The zeibek dance’

Signed pastel /mixed media on brown canson paperboard 49×45 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.000

A tender and charming work featuring Tsarouchis’ favorite improvisational dance, in the artist’s words “an ode to loneliness, a circular rotation around problems sorrows or lost dreams”. The Zeibekiko dance that he loved, painted, danced and magically captured in his own unique way! With liberated simplicity the artist renders this different dance that came from another world and transformed man revealing another side to him. Sparingly, suggestively and simply, with soft colors, the artist captures the figure ‘on the moment’, in the notch of time.

PROV. TIMOS gallery Athens

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