038. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

038. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

‘No title’

Signed oil/mix. media on board 80×60 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.500

Representative work of the pioneering artist Spyropoulos through his favorite palette of earthy colors in which the painting surface is structured by the color values and bright highlights. A painting worked in its reductions with a unique touch distinguished by its pure painterly values: color intensity and gestural brushwork. Based on abstract intentions, he develops form through a pure and rhythmic color; through coherent underlying connections he opens spiritual inner paths. Organized in a cross-sectional division of the painting surface, irrational and unrecognizable forms evoke landscapes from the subconscious or unconscious mind; they are rearranged and involved in either logical or illogical correlations. On top of this, the artist organizes his composition, presenting volume, space, color, rhythm, shape, gesture, and structural elements without idealizing them which in turns implies an inner substance of matter and creating the impression of a psychological harmony. The peculiar illumination emerging from within transforms into warmth, emphatically highlighting the dramatic events in his paintings. The idiosyncratic light emerging from its core, transforms into heat powerfully underlying its dramatic painting events.

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