038. NIKOS (KESSANLIS) (1930-2005)

038. NIKOS (KESSANLIS) (1930-2005)

‘Trees’ c1987

Signed acrylic /mix. media on canvas 110×85 cm

€ 4.000 – 6.000

One of the most evocative works in Nikos Kessanlis’ emblematic series, “Trees”, which he created between 1986 and 1991. The internationally acclaimed artist and Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts was highly interested in trees incorporating condensed qualities from all his previous research into their study. The alternation of white and colored forms, along with the linearity, regularity, and scenic arrangement qualitatively explore the space. The rhythmic repetition of lined-up trunks and the frontal presentation of trees deny perspective and illusion charmingly touching the truth. Masterfully emphasizing contours he invites the viewer to visually restore the fragmented form in space with a language that alludes to an internal reality. He interacts and coexists dynamically with color evoking a poetic mood and conveying the intense dynamism of spatial relationships on his painted surface.


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