038. GOUNAROPOULOS Georgios (GOUNARO) (1889-1977)

038. GOUNAROPOULOS Georgios (GOUNARO) (1889-1977)

‘Dreamy seascape’

Signed oil on canvas 70×100 cm

€ 3.500 – 5.000

With the sharp dynamics of his paintbrush, Gounaropoulos penetrates every point of his painting surface with a whirl of form that gives the viewer the illusion of movement. Light and color are expressed with powerful drawing skills in the rendering of the volumes and the movement of the line. Full of twists and sharp curves, the stretched branches/bodies vibrate with an inner energy framed within a primal watery mythological space. His forms, the almost human clusters of trunks seem full of tense suspense and dynamism; they introduce us to the artist’s fluidly magical dream world, a poetic vision of fleeting dreams.

PROV. Private coll. Thessaloniki

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