038. GOUNAROPOULOS Georgios (1889-1977)

038. GOUNAROPOULOS Georgios (1889-1977)

‘Dream landscape’  

Signed oil on canvas 70×100 cm

€2,800 – €4,000

PROV. Private coll. Thessaloniki

The one and only George Gounaropoulos here depicts the entrance that leads to his fluid, magical dream world, transformed into the mysterious poetic vision of a fleeting dream. The sharp dynamics of his brush render his unique light across the canvas, penetrating every spec of painting surface with a flurry of shape, gifting the viewer with the illusion of movement. Light and color are redefined through great sketching skill, rendering the volumes and the movement of the line. The curve dominates and the design is drawn in just one boundless line, creating a world that is fluid, airy, diafanous and dynamic, ready to receive a poetic vision.


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