037. ITHAKISIOS Vassilios (1879-1977)

037. ITHAKISIOS Vassilios (1879-1977)

‘Mount Olympus’

Signed oil on canvas 60×88 cm

€ 2.800 – 3.800

An outstanding landscape by the Mountain lover Ithakisios, the mountain-loving artist; the painting testifies his perceptive ability in rendering space and his masterful brushwork that conveys clarity, energy and obedience. The light highlights the three-dimensionality of the forms. The beloved artist of hikers and mountaineers captures here the majesty of the divine mountain conveying experientially and therefore authentically the poetics of the enchanting landscape. His design and color exude the sublime atmosphere of the Greek land, conveying spiritual beauty, sensitivity and passion. The wild landscape and the mountain’s volumes come to life on the canvas through the artist’s masterful brushwork, all but transformed through the schematizations, subtractions and reshaping of the form alongside a lyrical and psychographic impression of his beautiful picture.

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