036. SIKELIOTIS Georgios (1917-1984)

036. SIKELIOTIS Georgios (1917-1984)

‘A couple in love’

Signed oil on canvas 50×70 cm

€ 2.200 – 2.800

This deeply anthropocentric artist with a clear personal style depicts the couple with exquisite simplicity directness and pictorial dynamism; thus, he renders amazingly expressive results creating an evocative atmosphere with impressively balanced forms. The figures emerge as protagonists to dominate the space with a humanistic approach and a clear desire for social reflection. The use of bright and pleasant colors produce a sense of intimacy which, combined with the sartorial codes in use, suggest his interest for the popular social strata; this interest occupied his entire creative career. The stunningly solid figures he depicts are elevated into monuments thanks to the use of simple clean colors and shapes, the morphoplastic vocabulary, the expressive power of his palette as well as by avoiding any supplementary or anecdotal element.


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