036. ENGONOPOULOS Nikos (1910-1985)

036. ENGONOPOULOS Nikos (1910-1985)

A schoolgirl’

Signed oil on board 50×34 cm

€ 6.000 – 8.000

In the context of the Greek version of surrealism, the artist presents here the familiar rendering of ‘Muse’ as a ‘Schoolgirl’ with an unexpected structural iconographic skill. The timeless naked human body functions as a unifying force between the Byzantine tradition and the ancient Greek culture. The costume presentation with a clear hint in the ancient Greek world coexists harmoniously with the eradication of perspective, the one-dimensional monochrome background, the rendering of the body volumes and the purple of the garment, all referring directly to the Byzantine tradition. To add volume to the dress he darkens and brightens the same color. In relation to the usual intense compositional frenzy of his works, here we notice a wonderful calmness with an unorthodox Byzantine style in a surreal articulation of the space.

PROV. Private collection Piraeus


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