035. STERIS Yerassimos (1895-1985)

035. STERIS Yerassimos (1895-1985)

‘Homeric shore’

Signed oil on canvas 50×70 cm

€ 2.800 – 4.000

Steris masterfully creates the recognizable landscape of whispers and silence known as “Homeric shore”. Light dominates, annihilating color, attributing it unreal brilliance and intensity. The unique, solitary structure lends a sense of the metaphysical to the composition, evoking a world that is closed, magical and inaccessible. The isolated figure, as motionless as an image, fully integrates into the mysterious and enigmatic landscape; the anti-realistic rendering, closed in terms of communication with the viewer, clearly expresses the artist’s intentions to convey an inner solitude. Its rigid archaic style and monumental gravity reference to the quest for “Greekness” of the 1930s generation.


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