035. PARTHENIS Constantine (1878-1967)

035. PARTHENIS Constantine (1878-1967)

‘Landscape’ (Corfu?)  

Signed oil on board laid on panel 32×41 cm

€3,000 – €4,000

PROV. Priv. coll. Piraeus

With a COA by the renowned art historian and critic A. Xydis (1918-2004)

Beautiful work by the great painter from Alexandria, which condenses and incorporates all those beauties that are part of his artistic language. In a simple, sparing way, he easily renders the peculiar, otherworldly magical tone of a vague, misty landscape within a tender dream. In their unadorned simplicity, the forms seem to hang in a poetic, spiritual atmosphere full of an elegant, lyrical spirit that is entirely his own. He masterfully depicts the nuances of the scenery in which one can clearly identify his mood and hypersensitivity, the mark of his own personal interpretation of reality. His design and colour exude a poetic atmosphere which shows the Greek land to be a place of spiritual beauty and sensitivity. The light, the clarity of the colors and the masterful use of chromatic texture grant it an impressive atmosphere that almost seems alive, in spite of an almost provocative simplicity which, nevertheless, conquers the viewer.


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