035. MALEAS Constantine (1879-1928)

035. MALEAS Constantine (1879-1928)

‘ Attica seascape’ c1920s

Signed oil on board 21×28 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.500

A particularly tender painting by Maleas as regards a peculiar sweet colorful warmth. Colors become emotions in their tactile dimension as the artist shapes volumes using light to bring them to life and endow the composition with substance and life. The artist does not limit himself to lines and colors. He is concerned with the soul of the landscape. He uses the shaping qualities of color and the display of their relations to mold forms construct solid volumes that take on a particular structural weight and influence the shape. The colourful interpretation of light, form and space gift the picture with a sense of abstract formulation of the real as well as a poetic conceptual intention.


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