035. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) NIKOS Nikos (1906-1994)

035. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) NIKOS Nikos (1906-1994)

‘Hydra landscape’ c1958

Signed oil on board 50×70 cm

€ 8.000 – 10.000

An extremely special impressive composition of an island landscape  by Ghika created with “tectonic materials” the spirit the thought and the logic. Masterful drawing and composing skill transform shapes and lines into appealing tectonic and biological forms. A most impressive sun is revealed to us through the rhythms of the lines and the elaborate triangular lance-shaped or spherical foliage of trees and plants that give a musicality to the psychographic imprint of the image. A labyrinthine world where the poetic combination of shadow, contour, color, intersecting tectonic relationships and changes of tone give the whole a sense of it being reduced to a shadow. Continuous adjacencies of the contours and curvatures of the walls, intense juxtaposition of cold and warm colors, changes of tone and light, harmony of design compose an architectural web of narrative, whose rhythm and alternations of tensions and silences, redefines the Greek island landscape.

PROV. Priv. collection Athens

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