034. PARTHENIS Constantine (1878-1967)

034. PARTHENIS Constantine (1878-1967)

‘The apple of Love’ 1958

Signed oil on canvas 46×38 cm

€ 5.000 – 8.000

A unique fairytale discovery by Parthenis in the fog and the blur of a dream. The apple and depiction of its act of its power through the rendering of the bright light magic bubbles. The apple is depicted here as a symbol rich in meanings: the apple of ‘Dispute’, the apple of goddess Aphrodite, the infamous apple of Atalanta, the poisonous apple of Snow White, the apple of the Hesperides, the apple of Adam and Eve or that of Cassiani? In any case, whether in the folk tradition or in the myth or in the fairy tale, the desired fruit is offered as is here, by a female hand. It is the symbol of knowledge, immortality, eternal youth, it is the forbidden, the symbol of desire, of temptation, of love, of erotic attraction and fertility. The delicate lines gracefully form the delicate volumes and the tender forms, giving them a touch of the unreal.

PROV. Priv.collection Thessaloniki


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