034. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

034. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

‘Balcony with plantation and trellis’ c1950s

Signed oil/tempera on board 70×70 cm

€ 3.800 – 5.000

An excellent allusive impression of Ghika’s familiar “balcony” with a breakdown of the outside world’s formal objects to the artist’s special technique with his unique linearity of forms and geometric consistency. Shards of trellis curtains and dividing patterns with sudden interruption of lines and surfaces and the capacity of its line and purity of contours are impressively rendered here with simple volumes that float and develop in space in line with a necessary geometry so as to suggest a particular mathematical relationship.

PROV. Priv. collection Athens

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