033. NIKOLAOU Nikos (1909-1986)

033. NIKOLAOU Nikos (1909-1986)

‘Female figure’

Signed oil/tempera on hardboard 61×86 cm

€ 2.000 – 2.500

Nikolaou’s unique expressionism shapes the female body with clean and lean design without anything superfluous. The sense of touch on the female body is rendered as the beginning of life, as a source of fertility. Like patches all over the surface of the flesh, thick, rough, unprocessed strokes come together to give the viewer’s gaze the final color, conveying friendliness and fluidity. The line and the way its intensity and thickness fluctuate encapsulates a lively pulsing form. Nikolaou’s unique symbol, the recognizable design of the fingers on the upper part of the body is depicted quite liberated here. With simplicity as well as monumentality, the work appears anthropocentric, generalizing and gaining plasticity by taking part in an enticing game of painting volumes.

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