033*. NICOLAOU Nikos (1909-1986)

033*. NICOLAOU Nikos (1909-1986)

‘Female figure’

Signed tempera on hardboard 50×70 cm

€ 1.500 – 2.000

Representative work by the teacher and professor Nikolaou, depicting the body with a unique, abstract language that deviates from conventional naturalistic representation of anatomy. The female form, the artist’s most beloved subject, is shown with a unique morphological idiom that masterfully combines shape and abstraction. The use of basic design principles, such as measure and discipline, reflects the Greek anthropocentric tradition with a harmonious simplicity while also taking on a monumental character. The painting’s schematic nature, minimalism, and vibrant colours are spread across congruent surfaces taking on plasticity and participating in a game of painterly volumes.


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