033. LYTRAS Nikos (1883-1927)

033. LYTRAS Nikos (1883-1927)


Signed oil on wood panel 23×32 cm

€ 4.000 – 5.000

The artist elevates color with tenderness and sensitivity, using it to compose a dynamic rhythmology which shakes the entire landscape while demonstrating impressive use of its material quality. The narrative thus constructed flows effortlessly, like a colorful adventure, through alternating episodes of matter and light. Intense color contrasts and the constructivist inter-plasticity of color generates a particularly most dynamic and expressive composition. The raw brush stroke is allowed to participate in shaping forms, volumes and their textures. Color fluctuations stem from the sheer amount of color that the painting manages to retain, highlighting it with a unique inner light. The substance of the color and the reflective properties of light, the sculpting of the volumes is highlighted with powerful, bright panache. Ref. A.Kotidis ‘K.Maleas’ publ.ADAM Athens 2000, var. shown p.113

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