032*. PARTHENIS Constantine (1878-1967)

032*. PARTHENIS Constantine (1878-1967)

‘Girl with fruits’

Signed oil on canvas 35×28 cm

€ 6.000 – 8.000

A masterly delicate work by the Alexandrian artist with an ‘unmanned’ technique, faint strokes and lines and colour tones of immense delicacy and spirituality. The pigments become ethereal. The depicted figure represents the ideal Platonic archetype of the visible world; metaphysical, sacred and immaterial, levitating in a transcendent space where time has no meaning. Parthenis has been painting on the reverse side of the canvas since the early 1930s creating a sense of “non-existent space”. With modest idiom and ascetic simplicity he captures the charm of the minimal and the otherworldly where spirit dominates over substance demonstrating to us the “divine breath” of art and painting’s ability to fuse the human with the divine.

‘C.Parthenis’ E.Matheopoulos K.ADAM publictns. Athens 2008 variation shown p.307 Athens Nat. Gallery collection

PROV. Priv.collection Thessaloniki


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