032. GHIKAS (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

032. GHIKAS (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

 ‘Composition with houses plants and lattices’  

Signed oil /tempera on board 23×20 cm

€3,500 – €4,500

PROV. Priv.coll. Peiraeus

A little gem here, a real masterpiece that sums up Ghika’s favorite statement: that his images are born of spirit thought and reason. This fine work contains strong schematizations, abstractions, re-shaping of the forms to bring a masterful lyrical and soul-deep rendering of the impressive image while avoiding all unnecessary details. Pergolas, shaped plant combinations, garden wall sections with cries of the sky above, with crossed tectonic relationships, tone changes and constant connections in the perigrams compose a magical architectural web of storytelling with musical changes of intensity silences and  rhythm.


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