030*. PAPALOUKAS Spyros (1892-1957)

030*. PAPALOUKAS Spyros (1892-1957)

‘The Monastery of Megisti Lavra-Mt.Athos’

Signed oil on hardboard 60×85 cm

€ 5.000 – 7.000

An excellent poetic interpretation of the ethereal atmosphere of Mount Athos’s exterior space as seen from the Megisti Lavra Monastery. A lovely warm work with soft color combinations and harmony under a fan of a tender pastel palette that projects warmth cozy and otherworldly tone. Light, acting as a catalyst to colours, highlights the painterly qualities. Harmony in composition and flatness in the depiction of the monks whose postures evoke an expectant pause, surpass the naturalistic arrangement of patterns focusing on the scene’s soul, the invisible, the transcendent. The abstract design of the figures alludes to folk tradition and caricature highlighting the protagonists through the strong color contrast between background and figure.

Priv. coll. Thessaloniki


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