029*. ASTERIADIS Aginor (1898-1977)

029*. ASTERIADIS Aginor (1898-1977)

‘Thassos’ 1972

Signed & dated oil on canvas 60×80 cm

€ 2.000 – 3.000

Selective rare work of the pioneer artist Agenor Asteriadis, co-founder of “The Group of Art/Omada Technis” with his unique personal style that masterfully blends elements of Byzantine tradition folk art and naif painting. The landscape is portrayed idiosyncratically depicting nature with seductive simplicity and without identifiable characteristics, yet maintaining a uniquely charming truth that breathes life into the trees and foliage. These simplified forms adopt a charming and fairy-tale-like appearance reminiscent of illustrations found in books with which the artist had been involved.


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