028*. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

028*. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

“Moonlit Athens’ 1980

Signed acrylic/mixed media on canvas 50×80 cm

€ 4.000 – 6.000

A painting-microcosm of a dream, a masterpiece by Spyros Vassiliou that demonstrates the artist as one of the most consistent recorders of the transformations of modern Greek landscape. A magnificent and formidable combination of the white and blue colours that are magically sparkling through the bright moonlight illuminating the entire landscape with an exotic tinge. With a nostalgic and romantic eye the artist poetically captures nature and architecture in a way that he has never done before. He makes fruitful use of traditional types as well as avant-garde conquests structuring apparent contradictions with internal coherence, demonstrating his thorough knowledge of aesthetic laws.The exploitation of purely painterly values ​​with a masterful use of the quality of color compose a dynamic rhythm that vibrates the entire landscape.

PROV. Priv. collection Athens


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