027. ITHAKISIOS Vassilios (1879-1977)

027. ITHAKISIOS Vassilios (1879-1977)

΄Mt. Olympus’

Signed oil on canvas 70×50 cm

€ 2.500 – 2.800

One of the most masterful depictions of Olympus from the hands of its great pictorial celebrator, Ithakisios, that attests to the important painter’s masterfully perceptive faculty in terms of rendering space and of his sharp yet vivid and honest brushwork. The light impressively brings out the three-dimensionality of the volumes.  The favorite artist of hikers and climbers of Mount Olympus captures here with unparalleled mastery the grandeur of the Mount of the Gods conveying experientially and therefore authentically the poetics of the enchanting landscape. Design and color convey the evocative atmosphere of the Greek land with soulful beauty sensitivity and passion. The savage landscape and the mountain volumes come alive again on the canvas transformed into the artist’s personal unique lure under his masterful brushstrokes.


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