026. MALEAS Constantine (1879-1928)

026. MALEAS Constantine (1879-1928)

‘Aetolian landscape’

Signed oil on card supported on hardboard 30×30 cm

€ 3.800 – 5.000

Charming contrasts of blue and green mountainous masses masterfully and visibly emphasize the majesty and magnificence of the landscape. Maleas’s recognizable poetic conception of the Greek mountain landscape through a simplification of the form and the masterful synergy of color and shape for the performance of the volumes he harmoniously involves through anti-naturalistic sculpting, abstractions, recreations of the form alongside a lyrical rendering of the natural landscape and the psychographic depiction of his image.Coarse brushstrokes in the molding of color grant dynamism and movement to the composition and in a manner that enriches the trees with an anthropomorphic substance. The artist’s perceptive mastery in rendering space and his ability to paint with sharpness and eloquence dazzle create an atmosphere that shines with pulsing vitality.

Ref. ‘K.MALEAS’ publ. ADAM Athens 2000 Var.shown p.176


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