026. ARGYROS Oumvertos (1884-1963)

026. ARGYROS Oumvertos (1884-1963)


Signed oil on canvas laid on canvas 127×74 cm

€ 4.000 – 6.000

By pulsing color even into the details the artist emphasizes a tender and erotic dimension of the human body, thus perfectly revealing the psychogram of the depicted personality. He articulates the volumes with immediacy and pictorial dynamism simultaneously capturing the spirituality of the form such as it is underlined by its darkness. The tactile qualities are emphasized by the vividly pulsing tonal shaping. Entirely devoid of embellishment the thoroughly uncluttered posture clearly expresses the artist’s intention rendering a sense of anticipation nostalgia and uncertainty.

PROV. Priv.collection London – Chiswick Auctions London June 2012 Shown in the catalogue no.198

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