025. MALEAS Constantine (1879-1928)

025. MALEAS Constantine (1879-1928)

‘Naxos island landscape’

Signed oil on hardboard 27×40 cm

€ 3.500 – 4.000

Outstanding lyrical depiction of an island landscape by Maleas, one of the leading post-impressionist painters of the early 20th century. He links the expressive characteristics of color with the necessary quest for a new pictorial depiction, handling nature through an idealistic-poetically hermeneutic approach. The warm, earthy shades of the rocks and the deep green of the vegetation resonate with the cool blues of the sea and sky. Through this beautiful work he uniquely conveys a particular interpretation of Greek nature: a serene atmosphere, a psychographic depiction of the landscape.

PROV: Priv. collection Thessaloniki


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