024. ECONOMOU Michael (1884-1933)

024. ECONOMOU Michael (1884-1933)

‘Cottages at the seafront’

Signed oil on canvas 30×44 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.500

An elegant and tender landscape by the distinguished Greek landscape artist of the inter-war period, here using impressionistic correlations of color and shape to formulate his visual idiom. Courtesy, sentimentality and poeticism imbue the work with a spiritual dimension elevating and expanding it suggesting a poetic lyrical quality. Earthy warm colors attribute a spiritual and aesthetic dimension to his color composition. In a unique spirit of serene subtlety the artist allows the brushstroke to participate in shaping and texturing his volumes. A dreamlike, idyllic atmosphere is created by the combination of their soft rendering, the smooth gradation of soft colors combining with the ease of the design, the correct manipulation of light and understanding of the composition’s chromatic relationships.

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