024*. DIAMANTOPOULOS Diamantis (1914-1995)

024*. DIAMANTOPOULOS Diamantis (1914-1995)

‘The confrontation’

Signed oil on hardboard 70×50 cm

€ 2.000 – 2.500

A masterful and unique work by Diamantopoulos with the recognizable immediacy and rawness of his expressive language and his painterly dynamism. Here, through a uniquely personal and humanistic approach to the forms of the complex which are depicted as closed, melancholic, and sorrowful, he skilfully captures the truth of everyday people. The formal balance and clarity derived from cubism and the avoidance of any anecdotal elements impart simplicity to the expression. The forms dominate and are monumentalized through their rendering via the well-known deliberate primitivism: simplicity in the plastic vocabulary, concealment of individual characteristics and emphasis on tectonic features and shapes.


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