023. PAPALOUKAS Spyros (1892-1957)

023. PAPALOUKAS Spyros (1892-1957)

‘Red roofs in Mitylene’ 1925

Signed oil on board 50×40 cm

€ 3.500 – 4.500

In the foreground, red roofs reflect warmth and nostalgia while in the backgroun the lush attractive greens of the forest extend infinitely not letting a single strip of sky show. What is represented pushes past the boundaries of the painted surface inviting the viewer to fill the further landscape to the best that pleases him. Vertical axes at the back of the painting surface and horizontal ones in the front visibly extend past the limits of the painting deepening the sense of our “grand in the smallest ways” world. Acting as a colorful catalyst, a warm sweet light brings out pictorial qualities and a sense of purity in the intensity of the shades. The atmosphere is pervaded by a dazzling mood that radiates life and dynamism; these can be attributed to this masterful perceptive rendering of space as well as the sharpness, insight and humility of his brush.


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