023*. PAPALOUKAS Spyros (1892-1957)

023*. PAPALOUKAS Spyros (1892-1957)

‘Village square in Mytilene c1925

Signed oil-tempera on canvas 46×60 cm

€ 5.000 – 8.000

An outstanding masterful work by Spyros Papaloukas with dynamic forms, gestures and intensity to render the volumes of the recently discovered unique work in a majestic way that tradition and avant-garde meet in absolute symmetry. With design acuity he introduces a rhythm of tension and dynamic movement in the relationship of the volumes while at the same time also listening to their own rhythms. Harmony serves as a container and an element of coherence between nature and architecture masterfully uniting them. The components that shape Mytilene’s square are creatively integrated with the tree’s foliage and distinctive trunk design. The artist’s impeccable knowledge of the secrets of lighting, tone, design, colour and shape plasticity is incorporated to enchantingly capture the essence of his vision resulting in his vivid and exceptional psychographic colour. 

PROV. Priv.collection Athens   


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