023. PAPALOUKAS Spyros (1892-1957)

023. PAPALOUKAS Spyros (1892-1957)

‘Boat-house of the Megisti Lavra Monastery’ c 1938

Signed oil on hardboard 50x70cm

€ 7.000 – 8.000

A particularly dazzling work by Papaloukas walking a tightrope between tradition and the avant-garde. He shapes the forms of this composition using the masterful dialectical interplay of color and volume-rendering shape. The sharpness of his perceptive ability to render space and his painterly skill with clarity energy and conviction lend a dazzling mood to the atmosphere that exudes vivacity and dynamism. Intersecting levels that trap the viewer’s gaze obey his desire to make nature submit to his artistic need. The color harmony of light blue in the composition of the landscape follows the volumes in an idiosyncratic way activating the senses.

Ref. «S.Papaloukas –Tenure in Athos» publ. AGRA 2003 Variants shown nos.96 – 100

PROV: Private collection Thessaloniki


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