023. ECONOMOU Michael (1884-1933)

023. ECONOMOU Michael (1884-1933)

‘Old mill and houses by the water’

Signed oil on cloth laid on canvas 28×52 cm

€ 2.800 – 3.500

Michalis Economou represents a unique and special case in the history of modern Greek painting both in terms of language and morphology and in terms of his insistence on the representation of the landscape in an idiosyncratic environment that has a unique identity. Poetic depictions of his characteristic architectural types, as in this representative work here, are often situated near water so that its reflections form an integral structural part of his pictorial representation. Landscapes that are not constrained by the limitations of volume and gravity offer a psychographic depiction of the landscape in a state of silence and loneliness humiliation and fragility. Faint colors, shadows, simple lines, weightless volumes and reflections, all embraced by a haze, give the landscape a sense of the unreal a feeling of belonging to an in-between world that exists between dream and reality.

PROV. Private collection Athens


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