023. DIAMANTOPOULOS Diamantis (1914-1995)

023. DIAMANTOPOULOS Diamantis (1914-1995)

‘Man with a plantstand’

Signed oil on plywood 69×48 cm

€ 2.500 – 4.000

A very interesting painting by Diamantopoulos; the intense contrast between background and silhouette attributes a leading quality to the human figure visibly emphasized by the pulsating red shade. The distinctive poetry and musicality, the characteristic sketching, the fragmentation of the form and the combination of the archetypes of tradition and personal achievement imposes a balance and purity in the shapes; it comes with the artist’s characteristic immediacy, intimacy and pictorial dynamic. The simplicity of his sculptural vocabulary, the deliberate primitivism of his forms, the avoidance of distinguishing characteristics and the emphasis on schematization, bestow a simplicity of expression and plastic values which monumentalize the form gift it with surprising solidity. The authenticity and purity of the artist’s expressive language and his pictorial values achieve a uniquely harmonious alliance of scholarly and popular

Publ.’D.Diamantopoulos’ by P.Kounenaki, ADAM publ. var./study shown p.90-91

PROV. Priv.coll. Thessaloniki

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