020. VOLANAKIS Constantine (1837-1907)

020. VOLANAKIS Constantine (1837-1907)

‘Moonlight in calm waters’ c1900s

Signed oil on canvas 20×52 cm

€ 5.000 – 8.000

A captivating idyllic seascape by Volanakis, a prominent representative of academic realism of the so-called „Munich School “, a dominant figure of modern Greek and European fine art of the 19thcentury which demonstrates exactly why he was called the “poet of the sea”. The poetic dimension of the seascape in the above work, painted during the last years of his life, is dominated by silence and the absence of human presence in the moonlit nocturnal atmosphere. With masterly command of his unique technique in playing with light and colour he gives his favorite subject an idiosyncratic atmosphere of the place and time accompanied by the thorough depiction of the ships on a background with distinct impressionistic heartbreaks.

The painting has been restored

PROV: Private collection Heidelberg -Germany


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