020. PARTHENIS Constantine (1878-1967)

020. PARTHENIS Constantine (1878-1967)

‘Calypso and Euridice’

Signed oil on canvas 43×30 cm

€ 5.000 – 8.000

A particularly important work by Parthenis in which the two female figures that the cosmopolitan artist depicted separately in various of his other paintings, are presented here together. The two Nymphs, Calypso and Eurydice, outside the framing of any myth, are rendered tenderly, modestly, unpretentiously, revealing the artist’s wonderful vision of his world. In perfect harmony the composition develops on diagonals that pierce the shoulders of the lyre and the heads of the figures. Seated on a rock, the “guitarist” Calypso assumes her well-known pose, head tilted down, declaring the dedication and inner concentration of a musician; Eurydice’s veil has a recognizable circular ending which skillfully organizes the entire work. Eurydice floats lightly in a poetic spiritual atmosphere full of elegance through the subtle pulsing of the long vertical forms created by the otherworldly folds of her garment.

NOTE: The painting has been professionally restored


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