019. PANTAZIS Pericles (1849-1884)

019. PANTAZIS Pericles (1849-1884)

‘Still life on white tablecloth‘

Signed oil on canvas laid on new canvas 46×58 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.500

Beautiful representative still life by Pericles Pantazis, one of the first Greek impressionist painters to escape the academicism of the Munich School and who is considered the founder of Belgian Impressionism. Mr A.S. Ioannou states that “had he not died young and in a foreign land his pioneering influence on modern Greek painting could have been decisive”. Here, with his solid use of color his skillful use of light and the dynamics of his textures, he renders volumes and forms clearly revealing his painting skills and high quality values.

PROV. Priv.collection Athens

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