017. SIKELIOTIS Georgios (1917-1984)

017. SIKELIOTIS Georgios (1917-1984)

‘Young couple’

Signed oil/tempera on board 80×60 cm

€ 2.000 – 2.500

This representative stunning work by Sikeliotis contains elements from folk tradition; they are prominent when it comes to color space and form and result in a work marked by tender pictorial dynamics alongside an emphasis on the sketching of his solid figures. The symbolic figures are presented with a sorrow sweetness and inner clarity conveying the artist’s respect for the lower social classes and the fate of its people. The humanistic approach to the subjects, the simplicity, the rudimentary writ of the features and the use of bright and pleasant colors grant the artwork an intimate mood and a thirst for social reflection. The figures emerge as protagonists dominating the frame through the intense chromatic contrast between background and figure, the hard outlines, the simple tones, the expressionistic distortion of motifs and volumetric purity derived from cubism.


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