014. THEODOROPOULOS Angelos (1883-1965)

014. THEODOROPOULOS Angelos (1883-1965)

‘Reclining nude’ 1934

Signed oil on canvas 62×81 cm

€ 1.700 – 2.500

An exceptional work by the active engraver, painter, illustrator and cartoonist Angelos Theodoropoulos, who was a member of the group “Techni” (Art), editor of the art magazine “Trito Mati” (Third Eye) and who participated in the Venice Biennale in 1938 with Parthenis and Tombros. Up until the end of his life he signed as a painter-engraver. The erotic woman, rendered here with elegance and shortened gravitas, dominates the space. The diagonal development of the artist’s themes is characteristic of the period after the 1930s and aims to convey depth in the work. He masterfully renders the volumes of the nude female body with soft curves and plasticity and with the interplay of light and color gradations.

PROV: Nees Morfes Gallery Athens 2002 – Vergos Auctions March 2011

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