014. JAKOVIDES Georgios (1853-1932)

014. JAKOVIDES Georgios (1853-1932)

‘Female nude’

Signed oil on canvas 98×60 cm

€ 12.000 – 17.000

An important discovery of a fine work by the great representative of the Munich School. A tender yet masterful rendering of the youthful nude body, presented with sensitivity, modesty, and simplicity. The figure is captured in its calm robustness and serenity which highlights Iakovidis’s strong plastic instinct. The face tilted to the side and the gaze lowered so that they give the rhythm and kinesiology of the body an idiosyncratic gentleness. His simplified painting is emphatically underlined by sensitivity and elegance in the creations of volumes with delicate manipulations of the value of color and its plasticity achieving a psychographic impression of his image. The formal balance and purity, the avoidance of any anecdotal or supplementary themes all elevates the form into a monument.

ΝΟΤΕS: This painting is offered with a Letter of Authenticity by the known Athens conservator S. Baltoyiannis.

The painting has undergone through amateur efforts of cleaning and restoration


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