013. GALANIS Demetrius (1879-1966)

013. GALANIS Demetrius (1879-1966)

‘Portrait of a lady with a scarf’

Signed oil on canvas laid on board 52×37 cm

€ 1.800 – 2.500

A very special work by the internationally acclaimed multifaceted pioneer Dimitriοs Galanis. Psychographic rhythm and sheer skill results in an exceptional liveliness in the portrait. The influence of Cézanne is evident. It creates a strong contrast with the dark, oily color of the dress, strongly contrasts with the brightness of the scarf, making the figure seem even more compelling. The artist simplifies the form, masterfully utilizing the sculptural power of his brushstroke, successfully rendering a robust and highly lively depiction. Shaped with light and color, the volumes are robustly structured and contribute to the dynamism of the work as well as to the monumental character of the model.


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